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New Treatment for Keratosis Pilaris (red knocks on the skin) that YOU have to Know About

Do you have a skin worry that you call “chicken skin”? Does your skin look like unpleasant, uneven skin on the upper arms and highest points of your thighs? I have exceptionally uplifting news for you – there is a determination and a treatment!

What is this condition called?

Your skin condition has a name – Keratosis Pilaris. Despite the fact that an extensive number of individuals have this condition, not a lot of individuals know there is a name.

What is Keratosis Pilaris?

Keratosis Pilaris is a development of a protein called keratin at the opening of the hair follicle. This development produces spiky excesses of skin that can exacerbate as climate turns cooler and drier. Nonetheless, this is an all year condition and isn’t unsafe.

Who gets Keratosis Pilaris?

The condition can happen at any age, in spite of the fact that it’s increasingly regular in youthful kids. It is evaluated that this condition impacts 80% of youngsters and around 40% all things considered. It is extremely basic which implies you are not the only one!

What does Keratosis Pilaris resemble?

→ Small white or red knocks, ordinarily on the upper arms, legs, posterior or cheeks.

→ Light skin tone – knocks look pinkish or purplish

→ Dark skin tone – knocks look darker or dark

→ Rough and once in a while irritated skin in the territories with knocks.

How would I treat Keratosis Pilaris?

There is a treatment! The treatment is tied in with smoothing ceaselessly the knocks. The extraordinary news is that the treatment is straightforward and reasonable! Pursue these two stages and you will be en route to smoother skin!

Stage 1 Gentle Exfoliation

→ On wet skin, utilize a delicate peeling item. Delicately pat your skin dry.

→ I prescribe the Microdermabrasion Paste (Rodan + Fields) to evacuate dead skin and to help smooth the skin.

Stage 2 – Moisturize and Reduce Redness

→ Apply a delicate cream on your skin.

→ I prescribe Soothe Sensitive Skin Treatment (Rodan + Fields) to saturate and lessen redness.

Hydrolift Cream The Sensitive Skin Treatment reestablishes the skin’s hindrance to soothe dryness, diminish affectability, and quiet bothering. The optical channel in the item quickly kills the appearance of redness.

The items prescribed are ensured to limit your red knocks on your skin. Try not to agree to “less expensive” items that won’t work and will just make your skin feel and look more awful. Spare your cash and get smoother skin by requesting these 2 items today!

Pursue these 2 stages and you will be headed to wearing sleeveless shirts! I need you to feel great in your skin!

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